A serendipitous encounter thrusts the narrator on a journey from London’s Notting Hill Carnival to the St Bernard’s Pass in search of clues about her dead father.

She follows a female guide and with each step into the wild lunar mountains, intriguing tales proverbs and memories are revealed.

Mapping the past through a present journey, the simple rhythm of walking transports them into a series of histories relating to Hentriette D’Angeville the first woman to climb Mont Blanc: Mary Shelley; and the monks and their St Bernard dogs.

Their journey into fertile strange landscapes triggers a philosophical reflection on travel, heritage, geographical attachment, and (wo)mans search for meaning; In this Auto Ethnography, land becomes a map for documenting the 'female journey' and woman’s perseverance.


Sophie Molins is an artist, film maker and photographer who has lived and worked in the UK, US and parts of South America. She trained at Chelsea, Derby and Central St Martins.

Sophie has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad and published her work widely. Her photographs have won awards from the British Council, The New York Times, Westminster Arts and the South Bank Photography Competition. View/download Sophie Molins' CV.


Christina Batamngelidj, Andy Carroll, Julian Chesshire, JJ Connolly, Amy Douglas Morris, Kate Molins, Toby Molins, Lorcan Moullier, John Rankin, Frances Shelley & Marcus Tomlinson.


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